Student Success Programs


Student success is the journey through which our students develop, learn and progress toward achieving their goals. SUAC supports student success by providing the highest quality learning experiences shaped by best practices and resources.

Our student success initiatives provide a number of resources and programs designed to support every student as they pursue their goals. These programs are coordinated through our Academic Support Programs office located at the Library.



Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday : 8:00 am–9:00 pm
Saturday : 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Sunday and Public holidays: Closed
*Sunday (two weeks before exam week and during exam weeks) Library opening hours is 10:00 am–5:00 pm)
Please contact our librarian Mr. Guruh Tri Nugroho by email to enquire for further about the library and tutoring related services.


Tutoring Services

SUAC provides tutoring support for all students on-campus and online. The Tutoring Center located at the Library is available to provide assistance with English and math instruction; online tutoring is available to support all subjects/courses offered by SUAC. The purpose of or tutoring services is to help students meet the academic standards of the College within a positive and constructive atmosphere.

For further information, please contact Dr. Iwan Syahril by email to inquire further about these services.


Academic Advising

At SUAC, the Academic Advising philosophy provides students the opportunity to build partnerships with their advisors. This partnership will help you in planning your education, exploring career options and learning how to access the variety of resources and services available.

This partnership is a collaborative effort. We will partner with you to meet the essential learning outcomes necessary for academic success and outline the steps to achieve your personal, academic and career goals. Our partnership also requires participation and involvement from both advisor and student as it is built over time.

Advising Services are coordinated through the Student Parent Advisory Center. For more information, please contact SPAC.


Contact Us

Send us an email at for additional information.

Student Organization and Clubs

Students can join various organizations and clubs from semester one. These organizations and clubs help students develop non-academic competencies such as leadership skills, organizational skills, communication skills, presentation skills, etc. Students can choose to join one or more of the following organizations and clubs, however, it is advisable for students to manage their time accordingly in order to maintain good academic performance. Contact us by email at to inquire further about these services.
The following are the organizations and clubs currently active:

Business and Language Clubs
- Business Club
- English Club
- Journalism Club

Artistic Clubs- Art Club;
- Choir Club;
- Dance Club;
- Cinematography Club;
- Acoustics Club;
- Japanese Club

Sports Clubs
- Adventure Club;
- Futsal Club; - Basketball Club;
- Volleyball Club;
- Badminton ;
- Table Tennis Club;
- Merpati Putih Club;

Religious Organizations
- Moslem Organization;
- Christian Organization;
- Hindu Organization

Study Clubs
- Management Club;
- Accounting club;
- Engineering Club.



Contact us by email at to inquire further about these services.