Academic Registry

Grading Scales and Policies

The Academic Registry is a unit in Enrollment Services which is responsible for providing a wide range of academic administration services to students, staff and lecturers.  We work collectively and collaboratively with all academic and administrative offices to provide integrated services to the SUAC community.  In delivering the duties, the Academic Registry is under supervision of the Dean of Students.

Grades Points awarded

A Excellent


B Good


C Average


D Below Average


F Unsatisfactory


Academic Catalog

Number of hours and courses for the Associate of Arts and the Associate Science

Both the Associate of Art and the Associate of Science degrees require a total of 60 credit hours. 36 credit hours to fulfill the General Education core and 24 credit hours to fulfill core prerequisite and elective credit requirements.


List of all courses

Below you can find SUAC’s course list and the corresponding course code at Broward College. Students will receive transcripts from both SUAC (with the SU course code) and Broward College (with the BC course code). To view the course descriptions click button below.