President Office

Message from the President

Dear Sampoerna University-American College Community:

As your new CEO I am privileged to outline the purpose and the focus of American College. The implementation of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan sets into motion a series of key goals, objectives and initiatives designed to propel us toward our shared mission and vision.

Formally naming and branding our efforts over the last three years as American College recognizes our success and maturation as a community college. And being housed within Sampoerna University provides the ultimate in seamless transition and academic success for our students. We are positioned as the pivot point of a unique educational enterprise – as an independent but vertically integrated component of the Sampoerna K-University ecosystem. American College introduces this Strategic Plan to enable all stakeholders to envision a path forward for the elevation of the Sampoerna School System as a whole, and for the distinctive contribution of American College to Indonesia’s national development.

I want to give special thanks to the students, the academic and administrative staff, the executive team and the Sampoerna University Senate, for collaborating to establish a set of clear institutional goals that will guide us in reaching our full potential.

To all within the Sampoerna University American College community, this is our plan. This is the blueprint that will guide our priorities and actions over the next three years.

Lauren E. Clarke, Chief Executive Officer
Sampoerna University American College


Mission, Values and Vision


Sampoerna University American College has created an educational environment and curriculum designed to sustainably produce future leaders with strong moral character and internationally competitive skill sets – leaders who actively participate in building a more prosperous, equitable, respected, and globally competitive Indonesia.


Our mission is to provide students affordable access to education that meets the highest international standards. As a stand-alone but vertically integrated institution within Sampoerna University, we offer the American general education core, successfully preparing them for credential completion at Sampoerna University or fully accredited US institutions.

Public Policies/Publications

Sampoerna University American College (SUAC) is committed to fostering an educational environment that promotes the highest level of learning and moral character development of its students. To support this commitment, SUAC strives to ensure all students are treated equitably and in accordance with College policies.

Strategic Plan

The purpose of Sampoerna University and its component American College is to improve higher education in Indonesia by introducing Indonesian college students to a flexible, well-rounded curriculum and the highest quality of instruction. The unique and distinguishing design of American College embodies a modern, dynamic U.S.-style program that expands opportunities for students in the U.S., Indonesia, and worldwide. Graduates are prepared for continued academic success and seamless transfer into Sampoerna University or any one of a long list of U.S. and global universities. Furthermore, we instill in our students the core competencies that are essential to their intellectual growth and their future professional path: critical thinking, effective communication, ethical reasoning, global learning, information literacy, and quantitative skills.


To meet growing and urgent national needs in human capital, knowledge creation, and enterprise and social development, American College is focused on strengthening STEM literacy and skills in Indonesia, with a particular emphasis on engineering, computer science, information technology and business, as well as education development.

Attending SU and the American College provides students with the best of both U.S. and Indonesian higher education, with the option to complete their degree here at home, in the U.S., or in one of many countries around the world. Our goal is to provide affordable, international-quality tertiary education to a new generation of Indonesian college students.

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